Pies haven't evolved much since their inception, except for one. Introducing the McCoy Pie. With all the features you come to expect of a pie, and more. More than a grab-and-go snack, this is a mobile hunger buster. 

We wanted to parody the seriousness and hype associated with Big Tech product launches. Also, we needed to keep our pie the hero throughout this 30" spot, keeping online performance on platforms like Youtube and Facebook in mind. Our strategy worked. We far exceeded our predicted view and engagement rates and SPAR retailers were lining up to McCoy pies in their stores.

Less talk. More pies.

Executive Creative Director: Alan Edgar
Creative Director: Jonathan Lavender, Arlene Levitan
Copywriter: Arlene Levitan
Art Director: Jonathan Lavender
Producer: Mevisha Reddy, Heidi Rughubar
Art buyer: Cyndi Halvey
Photographer: Tony Parnell 
Food stylist: Gillian MacDougall
Director of Animation: John Griffin
Animation House: Maker Moving Pictures
Senior Account Manager: Reynold Naidoo
Account Director: Kim Hobden
Music: Tiger Fight
Key frames

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