Jagermeister fans aren’t everyday folk. They’re Meisters, looking to escape the mundane.

But how do you seek out the Meisters and publicise the Enter the Woods event on a shot-sized budget? You go to the place famed for memes, complaints and virtual lynchings.

Twitter. Tempt potential Meisters off their mundane time lines and into their DMs. Here they do battle with a bot, and choose their own story. Every decision a potential Meister stroke, get it right and they win tickets to Enter the Woods. Get it wrong, and they are sentenced to a life of the mundane, watching endless re-runs and eating microwave meals.
The results? Over 4 million people saw our content on all platforms. We got an average interaction of 3 minutes when 8 seconds is the norm. And thousands of people got off their asses and to the party, on a freezing winter night.
Executive Creative Director: Alan Edgar
Creative Director: Jonathan Lavender
Art director: Jonathan Lavender
User Experience: Charlene Dos Ramos
Copywriter: Charelene Dos Ramos
Account Manager: Alison Brunskil
Community Manager: Charlene Dos Ramos
Design: Jonathan Lavender, Stuart Anderson
Events Co-ordinator: Bea Theron
Photography: Leeroy Jason, Alet Pretorius

Campaign case study
Key visual
Event photography

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