Paid influencers? People aren’t buying it anymore. The gig is up. We already have influencers. They are our fans. They are creative. They are free. And most importantly, they are influential.
So instead of buying content, we put it to our fans: You create the content. You show us what being a #Meister is about. And you could be a JägerX ambassador.
Our fans answered the call by the thousands. We awarded 10 fans the title of JägerX ambassador and now receive 30 to 50 pieces of content every month.
Real content. Not paid content.
And it’s working.
With 12.5 million impressions reaching over 5.8 million South Africans.
And R1.9 million of content all for just R150k…
Creative Director: Jonathan Lavender
Art Director: Jonathan Lavender, Rachel Brown
Head of content: Charlene Dos Ramos
Community manager: Charlene Dos Ramos
Copywriter: Rachel Brown
Account manager: Alison Smith
Design: Jonathan Lavender

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