The Haus returns. 
This year, our goal was to show Meister Haus as the best experience on offer at Rocking The Daisies. We sent a live social team to create content that showed off the Meister Haus and the Meisters that inhabit it over the course of the festival. Our goal was to show real Meisters and create content with a cinematic feel.
Creative Director: Jonathan Lavender
Account Director: Alison Smith
Content Planner: Keith Dinnematin
Client: Bea Theron
Photographer: Dat Guy Tee
Editor: Dane Kemper
DOP: Dane Kemper
AC: Clem Hennessy, Cornel Meyer
Designer: Jonathan Lavender, Rebecca Buxton, Alex Rasool
Community Manager: Keith Dinnematin

Key frames
The return of the Meister Haus to 'Daisies coincided with a brand overhaul for the Haus. We developed a new logo and design system inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetic. We then divided and reassembled the new logo to create a graphic pattern that was applied to various collateral around the Haus; and used as a key design element across all communication design.
Logo design
Design application
Social media assets
We made use of the Instagram Story format a little differently this year. Instead of simply sharing photos frame by frame we combined images to give those who weren't at the festival the full story behind every moment at the Meister Haus. 
Instagram stories

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