Tis’ the season to party. 
From office parties to Christmas parties, Boxing Day cricket to New Years Eve. End of year is the perfect time to celebrate and party.
So, TOPS at SPAR needed to stay relevant to party-goers and planners this festive season. And we did this by creating a series of stop motion animations around key festive events as we counted down to 2018.
Creative Director: Rachel Brown
Art director: Jonathan Lavender
Photographer: Roger Jardine
Stylist: Ariane Ferguson
Office party anyone? #TOPSPartySeason
Is it time yet? Yes! #EnterPartySeason
Tis the season to give and receive #TOPSPartySeason
HOWZAAAAAT! Boxing Day cricket anyone? #TOPSPartySeason
Stop Liming around. Go start a party! #TOPSPartySeason
Beach. Bikinis. Cocktails. All day long! #TOPSPartySeason
We don’t need an excuse to throw a party with some bubbly. What are your party plans today? #TOPSPartySeason
Don’t forget to turn the beers. #TOPSPartySeason
3…2…1…Happy New Year! #TOPSPartySeason

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