Big global events can either be the reason for personal change or the excuse for no change at all. Going forward, people will use 2020 as either an excuse for why things didn’t happen or as the reason they did. 
This makes #because2020 the greatest justification for anything, and is now yours to use forever. So, we used the year 2020 to justify great prices and crazy moments that made up our festive campaign for TOPS at SPAR. 
Executive Creative Director: Alan Edgar
Creative Director: Jonathan Lavender, Marcelle du Plessis
Account Director: Robyn Buchanan 
Director: Greg Rom
Production: Gentleman Films
Producer: Heidi Rughubar, Byrony Webster
Copywriter: Marcelle du Plessis
Art Director: Jonathan Lavender
Music: Tiger Fight
Illustration: Johann Strauss
Digital Designer: Michael Haakestad
Senior Account Manager: Michelle Gordon

We launched the campaign with three crazy retail spots that showcased some wild and relatable moments experienced in the weeks spent in lockdown.
Key frames and characters
TVC: Office Cover Blown?
TVC: Brand New Skill
TVC: Maintenance Slip?
Key Visual
We wanted shoppers to feel the festive spirit whilst not limiting the art direction to classic Christmas cues. We came up with a hap hazard collection of party essentials to represent the year, and the energy of the campaign. It needed to feel slightly 'off' and imperfect, just like the year. 
In-store posters
Point of sale
Leaflet cover
Social media

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